Nanare l a fait ! Quel match ... il prend un ascendant psychologique non négligeable !    Par contre un autre gros match arrive des jeudi pour lui !      De mon côté  Je remonte tranquillement au classement.  Je suis désormais en bilan non négatif 5/5  Match tres compliqué today ( oublis de compo^^)   A vous les studios ! 

French / Français/Div. 3.3 - Saison 23   16y.o PG/SG with 33 skills (not counting feet movement) and experience 3.

Global (English Only)/Transfer Market
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Filipino Player List(7/21/2019)

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Posted on July - 22 - 2019 at 09:56

Link po ng mga Filipino Players around the World ng MBT...(Season 15 Week 5) 
If ever kailanganin natin for personal use or in-game Resource in the Future:

Pwede fin po natin iupdate ang Thread na to  from here onwards kung may marecruit po kayo na pwede i-konsidera sa pagbuo ng National Team... 

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